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If you are looking for a volume tweezers that you will never get rid of, look no further! 🙅🏻‍♀️

These volume lash tweezers are the favorite pair of lash technicians. 👇🏼

Specially tested by our in-house department, this hand-tested lash tweezers has a bit thicker and stronger grip that allows you to make perfect flag. 💯

Volume tweezers with a thicker tip are perfect for creating perfect tabs. ⭐️

It has been hand-tested by lash specialists and is a great tool for advanced and begins tilting technicians. 🥰

Each pair of tweezers has its own, unique "sweet point"(point with the best grip). Try to grab the rocker with different parts of the tip to find it perfect grebsposition.

Made by high quality and durable surgical stainless steel. 

✅ The tweezers' favorite tweezers
✅ Special designed to create perfect lashes
✅ Hand tested by lash specialists

We go down to the smallest detail

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