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We try to ship as soon as possible. We strive for all packages to be packed the same day before 16:00.

Then the package should come next weekday.

First of all, you need to research what your work environment is like.

Ie. you must have measured your temperature and your humidity in your treatment room. If your treatment area is in a large room, the humidity is typically lower.

As a starting point, most adhesives work ml. 40 - 60% in humidity.


If the temperature is lower than prescribed eg 18 degrees, then the glue can dry more slowly.

If the temperature is higher than prescribed eg 22 ° C, the glue can dry faster.

If your humidity is lower than ex 40%, glue may dry more slowly.

If your humidity is higher than 60%, glue can dry faster

Use adhesive wipes to wipe the glue off the nozzle after each use.

Hold the bottle in an upright position and gently squeeze the bottle to get glue residue out of the nozzle.

That way, you make sure that the glue can be allowed to come out. Without solidifying and blocking the glue.

The short explanation is: It opens up the hair follicles so that the glue can fit better and faster on the lash. Which results in better retention and makes the lashes hold better.

The longer explanation is: Speed Booster is the perfect product to use on your extensions as it increases retention and working speed.

Speed booster has a very high alkalinity, which helps open the cuticles so that more glue adheres to natural lashes and increases its effectiveness by ensuring that there is no pulling or pulling in them when the glue is allowed to dry.

Apply with our microbrush
A little bit reaches that far, so be careful not to overdo it.

To answer this, we recommend that your customers refill about 3 weeks after application or when the lashes start to grow out, just as they will be ready to fall off on their own terms - whichever comes first!

Semi-permanent lash extensions last 4 - 6 weeks, but as our natural hair growth cycle can cause this length to vary depending on how fast the hair grows up / down (or both).

We suggest that your customers return at least once every two months during the carrying period.