We send our products to all of Denmark and bridge permanent islands.

We use Postnord.

We make sure that our packages are sent before 16.00 every day! Weekends do not count and we send them on Saturday or Sunday.

Return and Refund

It's super simple, you have to start by sending us an email. Where you mention order number, you are very welcome to attach a few words to what it is due to! Then we get that register.

The next step is to unpack the order again and send it to our address.


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We have made it super important that steaming is weak so that your customers do not get too red eyes during the treatment. But it is of course difficult to exclude 100% because it is the binder that makes it hold!

The question to a million.

Of course, it is super important that your customers keep their lashes. So you can save lots of product for worthwhile treatment. But before you even start buying a glue. Should you consider the following:

Are you into fast or slow glue?

Are you just starting out or professional?

Do you have control over your humidity and temperature?

How do you store your glue?

Do you get the glue shaken well through? Pssst. Here our glue shaker can help!

Are the client's lashes clean before application?

If you can answer these questions. Do you have a good place to start. Read more here on how to make your customers' lashes last longer!