About us

As a tipping technician, I have been in the industry for years and have had my fair share of problems.

When it came to learning how to make beautiful lashes, or what products could give them a great look - there was no one that could be compared! This journey started a long time ago with just one client; but soon found out that all the products at the time were made of low quality, which created a lot of confusion for me, because they are so similar at first glance ...

It was incredible, demotivating to see that at first glance it was just another supplier. There were lashes sold, this I will do differently. I want to create something bigger than this, I wanted to create a community.

When it dawned on me that the lashes were of poor quality, it shocked me. But then I quickly came to think of how I could make things better for myself and others; that is what would change everything!

To this was added this community of something greater!