Why do my customers lose lashes?

Hvorfor taber mine kunder vipper?

Ultimately, lash extentions are a semi-durable solution and therefore they will slowly fall out in the long run. By and large, eyelashes last about 2-3 weeks without filling. Nevertheless, this really also depends on various factors, for example how solid your client's regular eyelashes are, the way well they are cared for and the climate they present their lashes for.

Of course, there are several ways to draw the durability of your extentions, but they will not last significantly longer than a month before a fill is required. The expected life of the lashes is in fact also depends on how well the glue adheres to the customer's regular eyelashes. These variables will be explored below, so keep reading to find out more!

The climate can affect how long your client's lashes last.

The two primary areas you should focus on are the humidity and the temperature in your lash room. An unacceptable climate can affect the binder, which will cause your client's lashes to fall off, which is not great! The ideal humidity for lash glue is 40% - 70%, and the room temperature should be around 19 - 24 degrees to create the best result.

Applying lashes
Yes it's true. We understand well sometimes when there is a customer standing by the door and you are still lying with your customer. Because you have not planned well enough, then hurrying is a real problem for applying the lashes. 

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