Ensure good service with your customers!

Sørg for god service hos dine kunder!

If you are new to the lash world, or if you have practiced a different style recently, make sure you practice with friends and family before offering your service as an extension specialist (especially if it is not). , which is typically done).

By getting feedback from trusted individuals about how enjoyable their experience was, it will hopefully help with any future customers who may be disappointed with the poor quality of the craftsmanship!

Good service is more than providing your customers with a set of high quality lash extensions. Instead of making the whole experience enjoyable and interactive, be creative in your way of answering their questions about what to expect from their treatments! 

When talking to customers, be professional and avoid complaining or gossiping; it will make them come back for more, which in turn benefits YOU as their tipping technician.

Why it's important you follow up!

When booking a customer, it is important to follow up with them and ask what their lashes look like. Try to meet the needs of your customers.

But what happens if your customer does not want to book an appointment? First of all, you should follow up on them the next day. Send an sms or email and ask how their lashes are doing and remind them of available appointments before your appointment gets filled up!

Your good memory will surprise you positively by never forgetting the details of your customers' lives.

Make it a point to take notes after each appointment, so no matter what happens, there will always be some sort of documentation for them!

Involve these people on an individual level and ask questions about their daily activities - this is just one way that it has never been easier to take care of them, i.a. because you have such detailed knowledge at hand when it is most needed.

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